The history of the Metalblade All-Stars goes back to when Blood Bowl gained a wider acceptance in the metal underground. Metalblade being a label that has always tried to pick up new drifts and currents quickly became aware of this new sport. Already sponsoring a hockey-league, the idea was formed to ink a sponsorship deal with an upcoming team. However no team was available and so they decided to field a team of their own - the METALBLADE ALL-STARS. With no players, only a limited budget due to some scepticism in the higher management and no experience at all with managing a Blood Bowl team, the task-force  moved fast and extended the contracts with the musicians signed to the label (with very small letters of course) allowing Metalblade to also use them for Blood Bowl games.

To their big surprise many musicians seems to like the idea, and quite a lot turned up for the first training day. However, excellence in musicianship has very little to do with playing Blood Bowl and so the playing style adapted relies more on brute force, running the ball and grinding the opposition to the ground. This is also a style that goes very well with the nature of metalheads and so both the players and the fans enjoys it, not at all missing the elegant passing play.

Playing Blood Bowl of course demands an extra 'risk-fee' as it is a violent sport that is known to have damaged more than one player through the years. Therefore the limited budget allows only 11 players for the starting team, but as the All-Stars start winning and the cash starts flowing more players will be added, together with assistent coaches, an apothecary and a couple of cheerleaders.