Here you'll find all the relevant information on your all-time favourite Blood Bowl Band in the CLBBBL


The News section will keep you updated on all the relevant stuff going on.

The Line-up gives you loads of info on the members currently active in the band and also on our excellent manager staff. Here you'll also find the coaching staff and the graveyard with former band members.

Read the Biography if you wanna know more about this amazing band, or go to the Gallery to see pics of the band in action (or if you can't read!).

The Tour section contains info on the up-coming gigs and festivals played, so you'll know where to intercept the band.

The Backstage area got all the stuff press-people need: Latest press-release, team-anthem and as a special treat an easy-to-digest explanation of metal for you boneheads who doesn't know your way around puddle-hair and corpse-paint.

In the Mosh-Pit there's all you ever wanted to know about our very own homestage.

Finally in the Links section we got... - well that's right dude links!


Thirsty - Drink a Bloodweiser with the band  





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