14/8: Homepage finished and launched. That's right guys - that's why you can read this...

14/8: Photo session take two. The result is much more satisfying this time. Have a look in the gallery.

13/8: A support act has been found for the first gig of the Low Budget tour. Hailing from Norsca Malazan United will ensure an intense and heated atmosphere for the fans. We're looking forward to this! No date and place has been settled yet.

10/8: Prior to the first gig we had a photo session. Unfortunately our photographer fucked up, so we're looking for a new date. However we got some live action pics from the gigs - look in the gallery.

10/8: First two gigs played with Hag Graef Druchii´s. They went very well indeed and the band is allready getting the hang on their playing style. Before the first match we also did some desperate drafting and added Mauser to the band - not bad!

8/8: The band had their first meet'n'greet session with the press and fans today - looks like a bright (or should we say dark) future: They got received very well indeed! Dedicated followers has already made a fan-club.

22/7: Still negotiating the last contracts the sponsorships and of course finishing this homepage. Team-colours will (needless to say) be pitch-black, blood-red and bone-white.

22/4: Work on the homepage started. Shaping up, but still far from launchable...

21/4: A pool of possible members has been assembled - looking into names, pics, live performances and (former) band. The final line-up will be revealed later - the rest will join a special reserves pool, as we expect some line-up changes in the band.