Here's a short introduction to our brilliant coaching staff with coaches, apothecary, cheerleaders etc. - all those guys and girls who keeps the band on the road and ready to rock.


Lemmy - Headcoach


Our choice of headcoach wasn't really that hard - as soon as we came to think of Lemmy, we had no doubts that he should be 'the man behind the band'. Lemmy has been in the business for more than three decades and he sure knows his way around. He is also very relaxed about what he is doing (ie. the picture to the left) and as such he can inspire some of the youngsters in the band to calm down now and then and set a more fitting pace - it's not all about speed and aggression! (though it's definately important). Lemmy is also known to have tried almost every drug available to a degree where his blood has been tagged 'inhuman' by a doctor trying to decide his bloodtype. Needless to say Lemmy was also  forbidden ever to donate blood to anyone as it might very well kill them. Experienced in drugs as he is, we expect to draw on his knowledge in the area.

Never backing out when there's alcohol around Lemmy's also very happy to have a steady supply of beer form our co-sponsor Bloodweiser - in fact he demanded that they joined in before he signed the contract!


Balzac the Jaws of Death - Apothecary


Our choice of Apothecary was decidedly more difficult. We needed someone who knew about metal and what the beaten boys on the stage needed (which is not always a bandage). However, some knowledge of basic first aid would also be preferable. 

After spending some time looking around - and not even having the slot filled for the first match - the management finally came across Balzac the Jaws of Death from GWAR. GWAR is reknowned for their stage shows which causes most of the audience to be splattered in all sorts of body fluids (they claim it's just  waterbased paint... - but the effect is cool), and so Balzac is at least used to be more than a little greasy. We hope this can make up for his inadequacies in the medical sciences as he's hardly the skilled surgeon we hoped to employ...

Maniac - assistant coach/cook


The choice of assistent coach was easier - especially after deciding that cooking skills was also necessary. Maniac was the obvious choice as anyone who has witnessed his stage performances will agre - he favours burning spiked animalheads! As you can see on he pic to the left his favourite dish at the moment is flambée pigs head - though this one might be a little well done. 

Angela Gossow, Ipek & Sabina Classen - Cheerleaders


The choice of cheerleaders was actually not that complicated either - it's not exactly like women crowd the stages in metal. So we took a look around at those few pioneers  and quickly cast eyes on Angela Gossow - the divine growl of Arch Enemy, Ipek - the founder and front witch og Wykked Wytch and finally Sabina Classen - the insane lunatic shrieker of Holy Moses. All of them are capabilities in their own field and together this is no doubt the most complete cheerleader group in years - we are absolutely sure they will no exactly how to cheer the guys up with guttural growls and high-pitched shrieks. Biggest problem is probably to keep them out of the mayhem on stage when the game starts.