Enter the Mosh-Pit


We have aptly named our newly built stadium the Mosh-Pit (with the Slammer-Pit as a close runner-up). It should be something you metalheads can relate to - and just as in a mosh-pit the stadium will be filled with banging heads, guttural growls and people moshing around and slamming into each other.

We have been in a hurry to finish the stadium or our home stage as we like to refer to it, so at present there are no fences to keep the fans off the pitch which tend to make the referees rather nervous - apparently our fans have a nasty habit of taking it very personal when their favorite mucisian is send off because of some minor irregularity. Instead we've chosen to spend our few coins on some excellent stands to please the audience - they are at least as important as the band in creating great experiences. 

We also have some troubling branches now and then covering parts of the field, but they don't really obstruct the view from the stands so we won't do anything about it right now - a thousand other more important things to attend.