This season has a lot of shows, gigs and festivals coming up for the All-Stars! 

September kick-offs the main touring season, but as a warm-up the All-Stars will join the Scrap and play about 6 smaller gigs throughout August. Not all support acts have been found yet.

During the season the All-Stars will play 14 big open air shows and join the 3 festivals: The Dungeon Bowl, the Chaos Cup and the Spike. Furthermore they will participate in the special Low Budget Cup tour which stretches across the first half of the season with gigs on and off. Finally there will be some post-season gigs in April/May 2006, which will hopefully close a fantastic year for the Metalblade All-Stars. During the whole season we'll play numerous smaller gigs on local clubs, so even if you're not going to the big shows there is lot of chances to meet the All-Stars.

Press-releases on the shows can be found in the News section.